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Testing facilities

The measurement of surface mechanical properties on a micro- and nanometer scale has been assuming more and more importance for both the research and the industrial sectors. As components to be analyzed become smaller and coatings become thinner, the apparatus required to measure their properties becomes more complicated and the limits of resolution are continually being pushed back.

Van der Pauw and Hall Effect testing platform for Electrical properties measurements

RH 2030 – PhysTech

The RH 2030 system is designed to measure the resistivity and Hall effect of a wide range of semiconductor samples and layers with low or high resistivity. The use of an electrical magnet allows measurements under the variation of magnetic field.

The following properties of the material can be calculated:

Wetting indicates the tendency of a liquid to cover a solid surface. The degree of wetting (wettability) is determined by a balance between adhesive and cohesive forces. Adhesive forces between a liquid and a solid cause a liquid drop to spread across the surface. Cohesive forces within the liquid cause the drop to ball up and avoid contact with the surface.