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Films Deposition and Surface Treatment facilities

A second chamber has been recently designed and built inside the Cluster lab which is totally dedicated to PVD processes. The chamber is equipped with two magnetron targets (diameters 2” and 4”, respectively), both powered with an RF generator. The reactor architecture gives the maximum flexibility to allow standard sputtering processes as well as more complex co-sputtering  depositions.

Conventional and combinatorial plasma treatments

The main system for the deposition and/or treatment of materials is a typical parallel plate reactor which is connected to an RF (13.56 MHz) power supply via two parallel electrodes placed inside the chamber. This configuration allows the electrodes surface to be in contact with the plasma phase. Thanks to the RF voltage supply any kind of material can be treated or deposited.

The UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) Cluster Lab is the result of an internal project which aimed at the implementation of an integrated laboratory where deposition and characterization facilities were connected in UHV conditions in order to allow in situ analyses of the deposited/treated materials. This to avoid any air exposure of the samples before the analyses and to enhance deposition control by permitting the direct transfer of the substrates between the deposition and the analyses chambers.