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The strong expertise in materials characterization by means of various analytical techniques, as well as the established know-how in plasma deposition and plasma treatment processes, have given PAM unit the chance to emerge more and more as a  reference point for national and international companies, universities and research centres seeking a partner for R&D activities, characterization services and technological support.

Please contact us for more details and prices of our technological and analytical support service.

In the following a few examples of companies which took advantage of our expertise: 

  • SAES Getters
  • Solexis (ex Ausimont) – Milano Bollate
  • Sorin Biomedica
  • Semikron
  • Cesi - Piacenza
  • Clean NT-Lab, Environment Park, Torino
  • HysyLab, Environment Park, Torino
  • Aquafil – Rovereto, TN
  • Zobele – Trento
  • Adler – Rovereto, TN
  • Solvay – Rosignano, LI
  • Friadent GmBh
  • Ophtalmed
  • IRCI – Torino
  • Pirelli – Figline Valdarno
  • Gencord – Cagliari