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Electrical Testing platform

Van der Pauw and Hall Effect testing platform for Electrical properties measurements

RH 2030 – PhysTech

The RH 2030 system is designed to measure the resistivity and Hall effect of a wide range of semiconductor samples and layers with low or high resistivity. The use of an electrical magnet allows measurements under the variation of magnetic field.

The following properties of the material can be calculated:

  • the sheet resistance, from which the resistivity can be obtained for a sample of a given thickness
  • the material doping type (p-type or n-type)
  • the sheet carrier density of the majority carrier (the number of majority carriers per unit area)
  • the doping level
  • the mobility of the majority carrier


Technical features

Current source

Range: 10-10 A – 10-2 A (max. resolution 2.5×10-12 A)

Max. output voltage : ± 20V

Output resitance : typical 1013 Ohm

Voltage measurements 

Range : 10-6 V – 10 V (max. resolution 3×10-7 V)

Sensitivity: < 1 mV

Input resistance: >1015 Ohm

Misalignment voltage compensation provided

Standard magnet 

Magnetic field (B) range: 0.05 T – 0.8 T (max. resolution 0.001 T)

Pole diameter: 45mm

Pole gap: 0 – 75 mm

Tool type: