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Rajesh Pandiyan
“Growth by radio frequency sputtering and characterization of rare earth doped wide bandgap oxides”

Co-supervised by University of Trento (Dr. N. Laidani) and University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris (Prof.  F. Arefi-Khonsari)

Safeen Mian Kashif

Oxide and carbon Nanostructures Functionalization for Energy applications

Physics, University of Trento (Dr. N. Laidani)




Ioana Luciu, 2012

“Plasma synthesis and treatment of transparent conductive oxides for photovoltaic applications”

 Physics, University of Trento- FBK (Dr. Nadhira Laidani)

Peng Pu, 2011


Physics,  Co-supervised by  P. & M. Curie University, Paris (Prof. E. Sutter) and University of Trento-FBK (Dr. Nadhira Laidani)

Simona Torrengo, 2010

"Surface functionalization and characterization of diamond thin films for sensing applications"

Physics, University of Trento-FBK (Prof. A. Miotello, Dr. G. Speranza)

Luca Minati, 2010

“Surface Engineering for Microsensing”

Materials Engineering, University of Trento (Prof. C. Migliaresi, Dr. G. Speranza)