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Combi Lab

Conventional and combinatorial plasma treatments

The Plasma Advance Materials Unit has recently set up a new facility to perform surface treatments and depositions. The new plasma reactor is equipped with a COPRA GTE200 plasma source which can operate up to 600W RF power. The main characteristic of this reactor is the possibility to perform combinatorial plasma processing. The combinatorial operating mode consist in the possibility to perform different plasma treatments (both functionalizations and depositions) on a single sample in a single experimental session. At this aim the reactor will be equipped with a fully automated manipulator which can move the sample surface under the plasma. The possibility to change the plasma parameter (energy, precursor  mixture/pression, the substrate temperature, the substrate polarization) allows the creation of a matrix of differently treated areas on the sample surface. The parallel analysis of the processed surfaces, typically performed by using optical probes, enables an easier and faster identification of the most promising treatments for specific applications.