Cluster Lab
    UHV-connected analytical and plasma deposition/treatment facilities
  • Plasma
    Low pressure plasma processes are used to synthesize and/or modify innovative materials and surfaces
  • Functional oxides
    Desert-rose like nanostructures on a ZnO thin film surface
  • Nanotechnologies for bio-imaging and drug delivery
    CNT-Au hybrid nanostructures: the carbon nanotubes can be loaded with drug, the star shaped gold shell allows its release under IR irradiation

The research activity of PAM-SE (Plasma, Advanced Materials and Surface Engineering) unit is focused on

  • the development of plasma processes for thin films growth
  • the synthesis and study of innovative functional materials
  • the exploration and growth of new, environment friendly and cheap materials for energy related applications (second and third generation photovoltaics, hydrogen storage, photoactivity)
  • the engineering and functionalization of surfaces and nanostructures for biomedical and energy applications

The research is driven by both technology trends in materials and systems and emerging applications.

To pursue this mission, PAM-SE research relies on skilled researchers in plasma physics and chemistry, material science, solid state physics, advanced analytical techniques and diagnostics, as well as on strong collaborations with national and international research centers and universities and partnerships with industry.

The Unit provides access to national and foreign university students involved in PhD formation and trainings.